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VIXX`s N Said He is Getting Ready to Enlist in the Military Soon

VIXX`s N Said He is Getting Ready to Enlist in the Military Soon


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VIXX's N is getting things ready for his mandatory military service. 

On a recent wrap-up interview for the drama 'Familiar Wife,' N, who was born in 1990, revealed that it's about the time to serve in the military. He honestly shared his thoughts about it in the interview. 

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N started, "I am currently preparing for that." He continued, "I don't think it's a matter that I can hide and I am quite confident about that. Anyway, I have to go. I think having the experience to act will be help for it. I will go when I need to go and I will come back after I finish all of the duty."

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The idol/actor also talked about his character in the drama, Hwan. He said, "Hwan is a character who can express his thoughts and feelings well. I wish for the next project, I can play a character who has deeper thoughts. Of course, it's just my ambition. I realize that I am still lacking to play big roles but I always want to learn. I want to be an actor whom people can see comfortably." 

Image Source: 매일경제

Are you sad that N will enlist sometime soon?

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