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Taiwanese Taxi Company Released Black Box Footage from BTS` Car Accident

Taiwanese Taxi Company Released Black Box Footage from BTS` Car Accident


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The taxi company revealed the details of the car collision. 

As previously reported, BTS was involved in a minor car collision on December 9th, on the way back to their hotel after the concert. Big Hit Entertainment has also released an official statement confirming that the accident is not serious and none of the members injured. BTS will continue their schedule as it was planned. 

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While reports said that the collision was caused by the sudden impulsion from the front car, fans have been suspecting sasaengs who follow BTS' car from as the ones who caused the accident. To this, the company has now revealed the black box footage when the collision happened. 

They revealed, "In regards to the last of the celebrities’ vehicle being hit by the taxi, the taxi was carrying a normal passenger and lined up with other vehicles on the way to Taipei. The sign on the roof of the taxi indicates that it’s from the Taoyuan taxi team and was there coincidently, not there to follow the artists. Social justice warriors, don’t get so excited just because you saw yellow (note: taxis in Taiwan are yellow)."

The company continued, "When the incident occurred, our team all stopped in front of the celebrities’ vehicles because we know that the police must be called to handle this type of incident so that they (the rental car company) can claim the insurance. So, the artists, bodyguards, and several staff members from the two celebrities vehicles that hit each other and the one celebrities vehicle that tried forcing their way into another lane and got hit by a taxi, changed to the three celebrities vehicles that weren't involved and went about their way towards their hotel, and we also left to go to the hotel.

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Source: [Youtube] 追星高手

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