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Lee Jongsuk`s Agency Released Statement about the Actor`s Detainment in Jakarta, to Sue the Local Promoter

Lee Jongsuk`s Agency Released Statement about the Actor`s Detainment in Jakarta, to Sue the Local Promoter


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Lee Jongsuk and his agency will take legal action about the issue.

On November 6th, the actor's agency, A-Man Project, updated fans with an official statement explaining Lee Jongsuk and staff were being detained for almost two days in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the statement, the agency also revealed that they plan to take legal action about the issue. 

Through the agency's official Instagram account, they revealed, "Hello. This is A-Man Project. We caused concern to a lot of people because actor Lee Jongsuk's departure was delayed immediately after the Indonesian fan meeting due to the agencies and local promoter Yes24's way of handling business. We were in shock since it was our first time to experience thing like this. Lee Jongsuk was very concerned that this may affect his drama's filming schedule. Fortunately, he was able to depart thanks to the help of the Indonesian embassy and he is currently on a flight on his way home."

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The agency revealed that they still haven't received any clear explanation from neither the local agencies nor promoter. They said, "We're currently continuing to look into the cause of this incident but the agencies and yes24's explanations keep changing. First, we heard that the local representative of yes24 took the actor and staff's passports without any reason and disappeared. A few hours later, the local representative was detained by Indonesian tax authorities because they did not pay taxes. Their explanation changed and they said that the passports of the actor and staff in the local representative's possession were taken away during this process. A couple of hours later, a local media outlet also reported that yes24 had not applied for a short-term work permit and that a visa issue also occurred because of this. Every single thing does not make any sense and we don't know what other explanations and excuses they'll come up with next."

Concluding the statement, A-Man Project said that they will take legal actions about the issue. They expressed, "We plan to respond with firm legal action against the agencies and local promoter who caused this incident through law firm Yulchon (lawyer-in-charge Ahn Junghye) and all countermeasures hereafter will be conducted through the law firm. We will only embrace the love and support shown by the local fans. We apologize once again to the drama production company, all of the staff members, and to the public for causing concern. We will repay the interest and love all of you have shown the actor through more sincere promotions."

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