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Events Agency and Yes24 Apologized to Lee Jongsuk, Clarifies Things about the Actor`s Detainment in Jakarta

Events Agency and Yes24 Apologized to Lee Jongsuk, Clarifies Things about the Actor`s Detainment in Jakarta


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They express their regrets about what happened to Lee Jongsuk. 

On November 6th, Yumemoto, the events agency behind Lee Jongsuk's fan meeting in Jakarta, and Yes24 Indonesia released official statements regarding Lee Jongsuk and his staff's detainment in the countryThe two companies conveyed their sincere apologies to Lee Jongsuk, the staff who worked at the event, and any person affected by this matter. They also stated that they will be taking full responsibility for the incident.

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Yumemoto wrote on their Instagram,

"Hello, this is Yumetomo. We would first like to apologize for worrying everyone regarding the situation where Lee Jongsuk and his staff members were detained in Jakarta.

Since Yes24's Indonesian branch has limited experience on similar things, Lee Jongsuk and his staff members' passports were confiscated. Therefore, Lee Jongsuk and his agency's staff members were unable to board their plane at the designated time and returned to Korea later than planned.

As an agency, we will be taking full responsibility for causing damage to the artist and staff who believed in and worked with us. As this unimaginable incident occurred, we, Yumetomo and The Cre8tive Lab, are demanding a speedy explanation from Yes24 about this incident. We will earnestly take on follow-up steps regarding this incident.

To Lee Jongsuk and A-Man Project, who were most likely anxious for a long time in a situation where they couldn't know what would happen, we would like to once again deeply apologize. We would also like to apologize to fans of Lee Jongsuk who were probably very worried as well."

Similarly, Yes24 stated, 

"This is Yes24's official statement about the incident happened with actor Lee Jongsuk’s Indonesian fan meeting.

Yes24 sincerely apologizes to actor Lee Jongsuk, the staff involved, and anyone who was affected by the incident that occurred in relation to Lee Jongsuk's fan meeting that took place in Jakarta through our local branch, Yes24 Indonesia.

The visa consulting agent had reported to Yes24 Indonesia that there were internal problems with the issuance of performance visas, so the event couldn't take place. However, they then later stated that these issues had been resolved and there were no further problems with the visas. Yes24 Indonesia trusted the agent and continued on with the fan meeting as planned.

It was only after Lee Jongsuk's and his staff had already arrived in Jakarta that we found out that they were issued tourist visas and not short-term working visas. We were in the process of requesting that the local agent resolve this issue. However, the fan meeting took place even though the visas were not correctly issued. We were informed about the visa problem after the event through the local immigration office but believed we would be able to resolve it after the fact so we did not properly share the truth with Lee Jongsuk's team. We are apologetic about the huge inconvenience Lee Jongsuk and his team experienced as their departure was delayed in the process of resolving the issue.

The reports released earlier regarding Yes24 and taxes are not true. We apologize for causing a misunderstanding with Lee Jongsuk’s side by poorly delivering facts in the course of the business.

Yes24 personally visited and apologized to Lee Jongsuk's agency and team. We also plan to resolve the issue of compensation through discussion with Lee Jongsuk's side. We apologize again for worrying many people."

What do you think about this, people?

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